Bakhtiar Khan / Producer

Bakhtiar Khan shows

I’m audition manager of dream fm 106 .

I did this of my own accord .i am audition manager because of my ability of hard work and honesty .
I am the one who have trained plenty of rjs in web radio. My rj’s team is best of all .My team members are like my family .
If you want to become the part of our loving family i invite you to come and talk to me anytime I’d be more happy to help you.
Doesn’t matter if you know anything or not I’ll teach you from a-z.
I’d help you how to be a good rj in my team .
Dream FM .
We support each other alot
So if you want to become rj and want to be a part of our amazing team then contact me .
I am here to help you anytime.
Dream fm 106 is waiting for you
Audition Managaer Bakhtiar Khan
Ex Rj and Training Manager of FriendZ4eveR
Ex Rj And Audition Manager The Freinds Radio
Ex Rj Rose FM 9.0 Pakistan
Ex Rj Rang Radio Millan Italy

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