Rj Sana


About Miss Sana Sharif 

Miss Sana Radio Jockey of DreamFm106 Web Radio Station She believes everyone of us has sparkle in our self that should be used to make our life meaningful Being an RJ, she uses this platform to change
people’ life.
Name : Sana Sharif
Rj Nick : RJ Sana (sani)
DOB : 12 October
Show Name : Let’s talk with RJ Sana
Show Time : Every Friday 12am To 2am
Sign : Libra
Profession : RJ & Owner of DreamFm106
Favourite Game : None 😀
Favorite Music : Old and Classic
Biggest Fear : Fear of quitting on my wishes and ambitions
Passion : Whatever I commit to do
Motto : Set an example for others – motivation for others.


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