Rj Shahwar


About Miss Durre Shahwar

Name : Durre Shahwar
Rj Nick : RJ Durre Shahwar
DOB : 25 January
Show Name : Baat Hay Ahsas Ki
Show Time : Every Saturday & Thursday 10 PM to 11 PM
Sign : Aquarious
Profession : Senior Rj, Teaching
Favourite Game : Cricket
Favorite Music : Soft Melody
Biggest Fear : The Way People Change all of a sudden If I Wasn’t an RJ : Then I would be a Good Actress
Passion : Spread Happiness and Peace around my Surrounding
Motto : To be a Reason of Smile over my Loved ones
Message For Listener : Never hurt anyone in your life because the broken heart voice is heard by the Creator and always respect your elders and loved ones.

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